Ervaringen van trainees

Lees hieronder de ervaringen van onze huidige FC trainees:

Estée “The selection process at FC surprised me in its focusEstee on personality and attitude.
During the pre-final and final selection days most attention was paid to working attitude, communicationskills and ambition, rather than competencies or intelligence assessments. 

The result of this selection process showed from day one of my traineeship; the atmosphere is
open, friendly and supportive. My new colleagues are eager to help
me, they engage me in their work activities, entrust me with responsibility and encourage my initiative. This allows me to grow and develop myself and explore the possibilities of this

FannyFanny “The two recruitment days made me realize how much I wanted to work for FrieslandCampina. The recruitment process was focused on who I am and whether I would fit within the company and the trainee program.

I met a lot of different people and got insight of what the company is about and I just wanted to be a part of it! My advice: take as much as you can get from these days as they will help you figure out much about yourself and what you want to achieve in the first years of your career”. 

This traineeship is such a great opportunity: you get to start your career in a program where challenges, personal and professional developments are present every step of the way. And you get to do that with your trainee group, all with the same goal: making the best out of it and having fun! FrieslandCampina is a company full of opportunities and I believe, with a bright future: I am glad and proud to be a part of it.”

Hilda “Two months after the liberating phone call, the trainee Hildaintroduction week finally started. After a week which was marked to get to know each other, gather a lot of information about FrieslandCampina and an overnight stay at farmer Coen’s place, it really began. 

For my first assignment, I will be working in the global procurement department, where I’m going to
deal with the finance around procurement. The first weeks are especially dedicated to getting to know colleagues and become familiar with the department. Besides my own work and projects there is still a lot of contact within the trainee group. This week, for instance, we will visit a member dairy farmers meeting together”.

Lizzy “From the first selection day onwards, I have been amazed by the open, down-to-earth atmosphere here at FrieslandCampina. 

LizzyEveryone seems genuinely interested in each other’s story, which makes working here very pleasant. What I like most about the traineeship is the fact that you obtain a lot of freedom in what the first two years of your career will look like: It’s a unique journey for each individual. There is a lot of room for professional as well as personal development and the assignments can be made as challenging as you want them to be. It’s a dynamic business, which also means there are opportunities around every corner. Therefore it isn’t so hard to imagine that people who work for this company are proud of ‘their’ business.  And I am one of those people”.

’Right from the start, the FrieslandCampina corporate traineeship enables you to significantly expand your professional capabilities and to contribute to the success of the organization.


The FrieslandCampina traineeship presents the opportunity to take on great responsibilities from the start of your career and constantly challenges to learn and develop yourself. During the selection days, I quickly realized that FrieslandCampina is a great company to work for. You are taken very seriously and immediately get the attention that you need”.

“Off course the selection process was very nerve wrecking, but the assessors and everyone from RFC made sure we felt at ease and encouraged us to relax and just be ourselves. 

This really helped and actually made the selection process enjoyable :). My first impression of RFC is exactly what I expected after the selection days. Everyone is really helpful, down to earth and friendly and this ensured that I felt right at home”. 


Nimo“This dynamic traineeship allows you to extend your book knowledge Nimoand actively apply them to marketing and sales. It provides you with the tools to creatively and structurally deal with the (short-term) challenges you will encounter while also emphasizing your long-term career development goals”. 

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